Overcast Hearts

by Thundercloud Kid

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released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Thundercloud Kid Lake Oswego, Oregon

rock & roll art. this is your cue to turn on your heel,
and never look back.
this play button will only break your heart
and steal the light from your eyes.
its a key and you wont like whats on the other side of the door:
elegant lies, but lies all the same,
its not worth all the side effects
or the amount of sleep youll lose.
because this is just bad news,
and it will leave you in the gutter.
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Track Name: You're Killin Me, Smalls
everything is gone, everything has changed,
i punched my own ticket for this gult trip.
he makes you so happy, i get it.
if this is the plan, then count me out.

to hell with your resentment, its got nothing on mine.
so tell me all about him.

dont let your jaw hang honey, youre so much prettier in poise.
oh nostalgia, ill do anything you say.

pace the hallway and wait for him to get home,
weve had out last late night; its colder, not closer.
you still smell like me, i know it.
its lose-lose for me, which means you win-win.

just say it, youre leaving, or youre already gone.
Track Name: Questions and Answers With Childhood Heroes
were a touch medicated, and count on doc to keep us ageless, but with all the same flaws,
dog-eared volumes of the cheapest fiction
in a flat out sprint down the tarmac after my sweet sixteen.

cutting curfew and hemorrhaging our days like devouts,
you may have figured out the argot, but i doubt you have the heart.

i think its time you come home,
because weve become a bunch of hopeless romantics, minus the romance.
yes, its time for bed, sleepyhead,
get that car up to eighty-eight.

got these prayers down to a science, but put gods face on the milk cartons,
if the world is a stage, im way off the key and a deer in the headlights.
wedded to this crusade, ill only entertain bribes in the form of you.

half my friends i recall by some lie or another,
or their new time zones,
but i never did recover from leaving you crying in the street.
Track Name: This Whole Scene Is a Ghost Town
since when are you characters in someone elses story?
and youre not a solution to our problems,
youre just another problem.

if youre wondering why this applause sounds more like crickets,
then maybe you should consider how that white flag hangs from every word you say.

and it feels like im the only kid still kicking, im the only one who still believes,
you all sound just like the folks you hoped youd never grow up to be,
so i guess its up to me.

if this is just a tomb, then there is only room enough for me,
and i bet that you carry pictures of yourselves inside your lockets.

if youre wondering why this applause sounds more like crickets,
then maybe you should consider that youre just impostors of our former idols.

maybe im just renting this whole scene, but at least im not selling it out.
Track Name: You Deserve This Enough To Make Up For the Fact That I Probably Don't
ive been tracing your outline on my wall
because our silhouettes look like the valentine skeletons,
only more sincere.

it seems like everybodys falling in love, but not like this,
and everybodys got plans, but not like these.

i want to speak every dialect of you,
and hang you in each gallery.
i will concede, ive been conspiring to lock you down forever.

i force myself to sleep just to see you again,
so reluctantly beautiful, like bad news has a gun to your back
and a grip on your throat.

watch the sun set on our favorite scars,
and take your hand on a crashing plane,
just to make sure we dont spend another moment apart.

i feel like we should be filmed in black and white and called a classic.
Track Name: Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless (You)
at best this is me dodging a bullet and at worst im giving myself away again,
but most of the time, im just a narcissist in pessimists clothing,
or a string of one liners.

considering all the other stuff im on,
ive gotta find a way to stay off you,
despite my pitiful self restraint.

sooner or later, this will all haunt me,
and lately ive been the flagship of regret.
take it or leave it, but my reputation says i dont write love songs, i ruin them.

im throwing the fight, so yea were going down,
and im like a pin up junkie, and you are my dealer.
its so hard not to act dumb and reckless when im so young and helpless, not to mention a liar.

charges are pending and youre the key witness,
so dont blame me for doing what i do best.
in due time youll think of me as another misstep,
or maybe youre already there.