by Thundercloud Kid

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can you hear the whispers in the woodwork? or the secrets that are climbing the stairs? this house hums a cadence, but i doubt you've ever heard it before. so tell me, what will make you shake these days, aside from restless nights and restless minds? we are just shadows of our former selves, whose ghosts seem to wander through these scarred, old halls. and time's had it's way with us. we're composed of so many famous last words, all so genuine and counterfeit, and where's all that loyalty you always carried on and on about? so tell me, what has been your best disguise? don't pin it on that hollow-hearted smile. reading your old notes is having your fossils in my hands, only no curator gives a damn.
since when are you characters in someone else's story? and you're not a solution to our problems, you're just another problem. if you're wondering why this applause sounds more like crickets, then maybe you should consider how that white flag hangs from every word you say. and it feels like i'm the only kid still kicking, i'm the only one who still believes. you all sound just like the folks you hoped you'd never grow up to be, so i guess its up to me. if this is just a tomb, then there is only room enough for me, and i bet that you carry pictures of yourselves inside your lockets. if you're wondering why this applause sounds more like crickets, then maybe you should consider that you're just imposters of our former idols. maybe i'm just renting this whole scene, but at least i'm not selling it out.
headlines boast that we're out of luck because this neighborhood's just not the same, and when you get that look and turn all blue in the face, lawyers of the highest esteem couldn't argue your denial. what a flattering impression of caring about me, like the most depressing fairy tale. so good luck with twenty-two in a most sarcastic way, and no i'm not your classic gentleman because when you go away, i'll leave you with that classic hangover, and some good old fashioned withdrawal. we're a slow swing in the spring, full swing into halftime. and all that certificate says is "my best days have passed" and another dose of vaccine won't keep away the feeling. all i see is green, it must be the villain that's inside of me. we are the skeletons clawing at your closet door, old habits die hard.


Redux by Thundercloud Kid


released March 18, 2017

Recorded at Applehead Recording in Woodstock NY with Joe Blaney


all rights reserved



Thundercloud Kid Buffalo, New York

rock & roll art. this is your cue to turn on your heel,
and never look back.
this play button will only break your heart
and steal the light from your eyes.
its a key and you wont like whats on the other side of the door:
elegant lies, but lies all the same,
its not worth all the side effects
or the amount of sleep youll lose.
because this is just bad news,
and it will leave you in the gutter.
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